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Evaluation of the Hand


This course describes techniques and methods for evaluating injuries to the hand.


Product Description

CEUs: .3
This course requires approximately 3 hours to complete. Completion of course evaluation and passing the post-test with a minimum score of 80% is required to receive CEU’s and certificate of completion

Course Description:
This course describes techniques and methods for evaluating injuries to the hand. Topics include evaluating range of motion with assessment of the impact of tendon, joint or soft tissue complications. Strength testing, evaluation of edema, tests of sensation and tests of coordination are also reviewed. Special tests for specific diagnosis such as DeQuervain’s and Thoracic outlet Syndrome are also described.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion the participant will be able to

  1. Differentiate the tools needed to evaluate ROM of the wrist, fingers, and thumb
  2. Recognize what questions to include when taking an oral history of the injury or condition.
  3. List the methods used to evaluate edema
  4. List grip testing criteria using standard testing protocol
  5. List tests used to evaluate sensory function in the hand
  6. Identify tests used to diagnose specific, common diagnoses.
  7. Recognize how various complications affect ROM measurements
  8. Identify the testing criteria for monofilament sensory testing
  9. List tests that are used to evaluate hand function
  10. Recognize the value of utilizing the rapid grip and 5 position grip tests

This certificate will offer .3 CEU’s

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Online Only

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation by the participant will be refunded 75% within 2 weeks following registration if the course was not viewed and no certificate was issued. If technical difficulties on the part of CSE prevent completion of the course, a full refund will be issued. No refund will be issued once the course has been viewed by participant.

Additional Information


This course provides 3 hours of continuing education or .3 CEU’s.



Skill level

Basic to Intermediate


The information presented in this continuing education course does not represent the only procedures and techniques appropriate for the medical conditions presented. The content of this course presents approaches, views, statements and opinions of the author which may be clinically useful to other practitioners. Individuals attending this course waive any claim they may have against Clinical Specialty Education and/or its instructors for any injury or other damage which may result, in any way, from their reliance on information presented in the seminar, or from their participation in this course.

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